1979:  Andreas Neubauer is 16 and an enthusiastic bass player in a band.  In the course of refinishing and refretting his Gibson EB-2 bass he discovers a new passion.  — 1980:  during his training as dental technician he starts to repair and build guitars and basses for friends and acquaintances. — 1993:  he is invited by Gibson USA in Nashville to undergo training for Gibson-style repairs and learns about their production techniques and working methods.  After his return to Vienna Andreas Neubauer opens his own shop.  Neubauer Guitars is  now the “Official Custom and Repair Shop” for Gibson instruments in Vienna and also the official repair shop for Yamaha guitars and basses.  — 1999:  Andreas Neubauer receives his master craftsman diploma.  The beginning of a web presence for Neubauer Guitars. — 2000:  Neubauer Gutars expands with a staff of three.  Cooperation with Stefan Sonntag Archtops in Augsburg (Germany) — all the lacquer finishes for Sonntag guitars from then on are done by Neubauer Guitars. — 2001:  cooperation with Klangfarbe (Vienna music store) — all repairs of stringed instruments are performed by Neubauer Guitars.  — 2006:  together with Adam Wehsely Swiczinsky (AWS Design Team) Andreas Neubauer designs and develops the world’s first guitar made of Hemp fibers (Hemp stone). — 2007:  the first MADA Hemp guitar is completed and the presentation is a success.  Willy Nelson plays the guitar in New York during  the “Monsters of Rock” tour.  Andreas Neubauer and Adam Wehsely Swiczinsky are nominated for the Adolf Loos Award and the Vienna Future Award of 2007.  — 2008: presentation of the MADA 5—string basses — 2009: Review of the MADA guitar and the MADA bass in the the German magazines “Grand Guitars” and “Bass Quartlerly” and the MADA bass makes the cover.  Honored with the Chamber of Commerce Award for the most creative business in Vienna — 2010: The Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna, the MAK, buys a MADA for the Design Collection.

Andi am E-Bass