Thomas Palme
    Benjamin Derksen
  Instrument: Jazz Bass
  Hals: Ahorn, Ebenholzgriffbrett
  Body: Esche

"Last year I saw an advertisment on the internet: secondhand Neubauer Jazz bass. I never heard of the brandname 'Neubauer' and I decided to inform myself through the Internet. Afters some minutes I found this site. The next week I went to the guy who sold his bassguitar and after hearing the bass I directly decided to buy this bass for a very low price: 375 euro.

I play in a couple of jazzbands and I play a lot of jammsessions in Amsterdam. The main reason to buy a new bass was to buy a cheap Fender bassguitar. I couldn't find one but Neubauer sounds much better than a Fender bass. I believe they used Kent Armstrong pick ups.

The perfect Jaco Pastorius sound can be generated with this bassguitar and if you want to play some funky/slap bass just put the other pick up open and you have a total different sound. Especially the D-tune is very useful during a show.

The bassguitar is very solid. A couple of months ago I also bought a fender jazzbass. You can simply feel the difference. Neubauer is more solid and heavy. Fender is not that heavy but not that solid as Neubauer is.

Comparing to other basses this is actually the best one I've heard, better than Fender jazz. It has a more 'round tone'. The high tones are, compared to Fender, 'not-that-high'.

There is a perfect balance between the tone-strenght. So, future bassplayers. If you want to buy a bass so you won't have to buy a new one again, again and again (as I did, 1st Ibanez, 2nd Fernandes, 3rd Yamaha).

Just buy Neubauer!"

Benjamin Derksen, Amsterdam 2003